It Continues

Lindsay Ess HandsIn a post I wrote a few days ago, I introduced you to Lindsay Ess and I shared a little bit about her journey to recovery. The video I shared ended abruptly which left many readers wondering what happened during the next few years of her journey. I hope the following video will answer some of the many questions I received.


Is it possible to overcome adversity? Are you willing to commit 20 hours per week for as long as necessary to overcome your adversity? Do you have a plan for overcoming your adversity or are you thinking recovery will just happen? Are you prepared for delays and unforeseen obstacles? Is there a benefit in surrounding yourself with optimistic and supportive people? What can you share that could help other people overcome their adversity?

Thanks to Esther who mentioned Lindsay Ess to me. I also appreciate Lindsay Ess, Bill Weir, ABC News, YouTube, Matt Mendelsohn, and all the other people who made it possible to share the information in the post, video, and news article.

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