It’s A What?

Believe it or not, I spent almost a decade searching for one particular answer. I’m not certain, but I probably knew the answer when I was three or four years old thanks to my dad. I don’t know what happened to the answer, but I suspect it was lost as a result of cancer, brain surgery, chemo, radiation, time, or some other memory-depleting factor. I briefly found the answer around 2010, but lost it again due to a bad memory.

The Question

What is the name of the mechanism in which the final event is the result of a chain reaction?

Known Hints

The mechanism in the Hasbro game Mouse Trap is a perfect example. The mechanism is used in a car commercial to build a car. The mechanism appears in the opening scene of the Fox television show “Elementary.”

Additional Hints Because I Now Know the Answer

If a sandwich artist makes sandwiches, then a kinetic artist builds what? A group of musicians used the mechanism in one of their music videos. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, the mechanism is a “comically involved, complicated invention laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation.”

If you are still wondering the name of the mechanism I could not remember, watch the following videos.

Example 1

Example 2


What did you know at one time, but can no longer remember? How urgently do you need to know what you can no longer remember? Have you asked the people who are likely to remember? If you have not involved other people in your journey, why not? What can I do to help?

Thanks to my mom, dad, Wendy, Norm, HasbroFox, Rube Goldberg, Joseph Herscher, Sesame Street, Capitol Records, and OK Go.

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