It’s No Longer Impossible

Unless you are from British Columbia, it is possible you have not heard of the companies mentioned in the following video. There may be similar companies elsewhere, but the video was a perfect match for the point I wanted to make — adversity does not excuse you from enjoying the outdoors. There are products and services that make outdoor activities possible no matter what type of adversity you are experiencing. Do not tell yourself the outdoors is inaccessible because of your situation.


What would you like to do that other people tell you is impossible? What would you like to do that you think is impossible? What are you doing to make the impossible something achievable? How can you measure success in your journey from impossible to probable to likely to achievable? What will you do after you achieve the impossible?

Thanks to BCMOS, 9LivesAdventures, YouTube, and all the people who participated in making the video I used in this post.

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