It’s That Time Again

What do the following products have in common: bibs, onesies, t-shirts, sweat shirts, stuffed animals, cartoons, coloring books, religious videos, movies, events, and talk shows? If you guessed “celery” then you are correct. The entire month of March is national celery month according to Wikipedia.

Several organizations worked together and individually to promote celery in a way that is comparable to the marketing campaigns of giant soda, food, cosmetic, clothing and car companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets. There is a product to promote celery awareness for every stage of life. The fact that March is national celery month is almost irrelevant because the comprehensive marketing campaign ensures everyone from infants to adults knows about celery.

Infant Bib Infant Body SuitFrankencelery -- Vegietales

I Love Celery T-shirtCelerey Rocks ShirtCelery

Coincidentally, March is also brain injury awareness month. Aside from a few scattered and disjointed fundraisers, and perhaps a short article on page 7 of the Local section in a community newspaper, there is little marketing of brain injury awareness.


What could we do differently to better publicize brain injury awareness? How is brain injury awareness month different from all other months? Why, on this night, should people care about brain injury? How does knowledge of brain injury translate to actually helping survivors or the people who interact with them? If you were to create clothes, books, or illustration, how would you promote brain injury awareness? If you were to create a book, movie, or interview about brain injury awareness, what would you say? How would you promote brain injury awareness to adults? How would you promote brain jury awareness to children? What can we do to make brain injury less scary to adults and children? How can we make a difference?

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