Kindness of Others

2016-0902 Machu-Picchu-Wallpaper-HD

By J. Speed Carroll | New York Times

I now walk with a cane, with evident difficulty, while I remind myself that I once made a four-day trek to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail through the Andes. That was 40 years ago, though, and I’m 80 now. It may sound trite (“kindness of others”), but along with the increasing level of my disability has come a remarkable surge in the concern of random passers-by for my circumstances. Utter strangers — young and old, male and female — are amazingly quick to offer spontaneous assistance as I walk in the street, drop something or try to get into or out of buildings and vehicles. These anonymous gestures of unselfish generosity cannot be expected, but they are frequent and beautiful.


Thanks to J. Speed Carroll for sharing the comments; New York Times for sharing the comments; Google for helping me find the comments; and all the people, who directly or indirectly made it possible to include the picture, text, and links in this post.


  1. Very encouraging! When I experience kindness from others or when I am showing kindness my day is always better.

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