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2014-0805 Music and the BrainIn the past, when I heard a school district downsized or eliminated its music department, I wondered if students suffered for the poor decisions of administrators. After watching the following five-minute video, I have a better understanding of the connection between music and the brain. Listening to music and playing a musical instrument activate the brain similar to the way in which exercise and nutrition stimulate the body.

A year or so after my diagnosis, I started thinking about the role of music in the recovery process for brain injury, post traumatic stress syndrome, addiction, and other adversities. Is it possible that listening to music or playing a musical instrument might improve the recovery process by stimulating the brain? Watch the following video and tell me what you think.



Thanks to Anita Collins for creating the lesson; Addison Aaronson for narrating the story; Peter Gosling for his role in the music; Sharon Colman Graham for the animation in the video; TED-ED for featuring the video; YouTube for hosting the video; Google for helping me find the video; Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic for providing the picture I used’ and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text I used in this post.


    1. Mallory, there is a type of music that claims to help focus the brain. Search the web for the term “brain stimulation music.” There are many free examples on YouTube. ~ Scott

  1. I started to learn how play a mandolin for my short-term memory issues after my traumatic brain injury. It’s maybe the best thing I have done.

    1. You mentioned you started to learn, can you play mandolin now or are you still in the learning process? What part of playing do you feel was most helpful for your memory? ~ Scott

  2. Hi Scott, This is a great blog I totally agree. We provide both Tomatis and iListen as methods, along with Bob Yourell, bilateral sounds and HemiSync. All of these are extremely effective” You can find more information about these areas on my website under about and treatments. Also it is contained in my book Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on pages 75 and 76. If your readers put in “Beyond Injury” in the promo code they will get 30% off a copy of my book.

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