Astounding Memory

The tools described in the following video have been around for thousands of years. Unless you have a perfect memory, or you are opposed to humor, you must watch the following video. Click the cursor anywhere over the video to start the video. Click the full-screen box “[ ]” in the lower right corner of the video frame if you want to watch a larger version of the video. Press the [esc] button on your keyboard at any time while the video is playing to close the full-screen mode and continue watching the video in the small frame.

Thanks to Joshua Foer for providing the Features of Memory video via TED talks.

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  1. Hey Scott,
    Just now had a chance to watch the Ted Talk on Memory! LOVED IT!!! It reminded me of how we used to attach non-sense meaning to complex subjects in class. I love that you are teaching so many! You have a fantastic platform and I am so proud of you!

    1. Tracy,

      I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I learned a lot from you, and I believe you have a gift helping people overcome their internal and external hurdles. Let’s talk soon.


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