More Proof That Words Matter

Several years ago, when I first saw the following video, I watched it a dozen times in a row. I then downloaded the video because I knew someday I would want to share it with friends. Even though I had written posts (We Already Know Words Matter and The Power of Words) about similar topics, I forgot about the video I saved years earlier until Frances sent a copy to me. The following video is extremely relevant to this blog because the video connects words to outcomes in term that are easy to follow. No matter what adversity you are facing, positive words will lead to positive outcomes and negative words will lead to negative outcomes.


  1. What adversity are you facing?
  2. Are your words helping you overcome adversity?
  3. How do you measure your success?
  4. What are your favorite words?


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Thanks to Frances, purplefeather, Amazon, YouTube, and all the people who made it possible for me to include the picture and video I used in this post.


    1. Confessions are one type of communication. Unless the words spoken are understood by the intended recipients, confessions are only one sided.

      As the video beautifully illustrates, the original words on the sign were not received well by the intended recipients. However, the new words were understood.

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