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2015-0826 ReminderExcerpt of an article by Amy Zellmer | Huffington Post

I used to have the most amazing memory. I had friend’s phone numbers memorized, as well as all my credit card numbers, and my driver’s license number. I could watch a movie once and recite all the one-liners on command. I could read an entire book in a day, or over the weekend (depending how long it was). I could multi-task like a mad woman, juggling five things at once. It was easy for me, it was my normal.

All of that changed when I slipped on a patch of ice one cold, February morning. I landed full-force on the back of my skull and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), along with numerous other physical injuries. I had no idea the journey that I was about to begin, and the struggles that I would endure.

The most immediately apparent effects were short term memory loss, cognitive functioning, and aphasia (not being able to recall words, or using the wrong word). I was originally told I had a severe concussion and that most of my symptoms would resolve themselves in a few weeks.

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