Nathan’s Playroom

Nathan's PlayroomThe previous post, 43 Days, included a story that was difficult to share and emotionally difficult to read/hear. This post includes an update about Braden Tamosaitis, and the charity, Nathan’s Playroom, that his family started after Nathan passed away. This post, like several others in this blog, illustrates how positive events may occur as a result of extremely sad events.

The following video illustrates how the Tamosaitis family turned their grief into something positive that benefits many families.

The following video illustrates how Make A Wish and Disney turn Braden’s wish into a reality.


If you were to start a charity, what would be the mission of your charity? What actions would be necessary to grow your charity? How would you measure the success of your charity? If you were to support a charity (by donating money or volunteering time) what type of charity would you select? What would motivate you to get involved with a charity? What perceived obstacle is preventing you from being involved with a charity?

Thanks to the Tamosaitis family, Nathan’s Playroom, Make A Wish, Disney World, YouTube, Vimeo, and all the people who made it possible to share the story and video I included in this post.

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