National Disability Employment Awareness

2015-1004 My Disabilities

I did not see a way to share this information, so I am providing a link to the entire article written by the Illinois Department of Human Services. The page is filled with links regarding events associated with National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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    1. Matt, I have taken college classes both before and after brain cancer. I completed a BA with concentrations in Economics and Political Science. Grad school was an MBA with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, and Operations. Since my diagnosis I have completed post graduate studies in Risk Analysis and Decision Making. I also have multiple certifications in project management and quality.

  1. After my 15th stroke and craniotomy, several years later, I began to tutor writing. I am able to do this even though my memory is substantially different than it was before my final stroke occurred. Other stroke survivors who have compromised short term memories might want to try tutoring.

    It lets you tap into what you know best and help other people learn.

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