New Student Orientation

This article is largely based on the post written by Frank Pray who attended a new-student orientation on 3/30/2013. Frank’s post provides a great example of how to communicate through writing.

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One reason why I think Frank’s post represents good communication through writing is I can clearly “see” the building and each of the panelists when I read his words. Another reason why I feel Frank’s post is a good example of communication is I can “experience” the thoughts and emotions of those who were present at the orientation.


What type of communication (written, verbal, body language, etc.) do you like to use and why do you like to use it? What type of communication helps you understand another person’s message, and why does that type of communication work well for you? How could I communicate with you more effectively?

Thanks to Frank Pray for taking the time to attend the orientation and write an article about his experience at the orientation.


    1. I considered replying in Morse Code, but I could not find an analog port on this computer. My Morse Code key does not have a USB port. Thankfully, the folks at WordPress anticipated my need to include an example of semaphore in my reply. Happy reading.


      Oh, thank you for your comment about the clarity of my posts.

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