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Not on My Bucket List

2015-1126 Fruit Bowl in Moab

I guess the title is somewhat inaccurate; it should be “Not on Any List.” This post is not a recommendation of things to do if you are recovering from anything or if you have any desire to live. The scenery is beautiful, the thrill seekers are very talented, I’m sure the activity is perfectly safe, and the photography is amazing. However, that is not enough to convince me I want to participate.

While writing this post, I started to wonder if there were things I used to do that people would look at and say, “not on my bucket list or any list.” I was struck by the reality that my past included several events I would not recommend to anybody, nor try today. I am not sure if this means I am older and wiser now or simply less adventurous after my adversity.

Even after brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments to eradicate his brain cancer, Scott continued to work; continued to study; and earned professional certifications from the Project Management Institute, American Society of Quality, and Stanford University School of Professional Development. How were all of these achievements possible at a time when Scott was struggling with the hurdles of brain injury? The answers are in this blog.

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During the past 13 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual impairment, and auditory challenges. I have overcome significant adversity! I can explain how to overcome your challenges. I am a very active Toastmaster and a motivational speaker.