Open Source Brain Injury

2016-0408 Open Source

In an effort to find a cure for his brain cancer, Salvatore Iaconesi converted proprietary medical records to open source medical records then shared the records with the world. The innovative approach to finding a cure was described by CNN, ABC, and many other news agencies throughout the world. The following video, reveals the results of the innovative search for a cure:


Under what circumstances would you release your medical data to the world? If you would not ask the world for help, who would you ask? If two people suggested radically different approaches to a cure, how would you decide which approach to follow? Is too much information better than too little information . . . why? If converting proprietary records to open source records is a violation of copyrights, patents, and contracts that you signed, would you convert the records in search of the “best” solution for your problem . . . why? Why is sharing proprietary medical records acceptable when sharing proprietary music, television shows, and movies is not?


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Thanks to Salvatore Iaconesi, ABC, CNN, TEDx, and You Tube for sharing the information upon which this post is based.


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