Origin of Good Ideas

Light BulbOne of the reasons I strongly favor group therapy rather than individual therapy is the people in a group have an opportunity to share ideas, strategies, and solutions with other people who are facing a similar adversity. I am not suggesting that an individual cannot devise great ideas on his or her own, but I am suggesting that creativity, innovation, and accountability are significantly better within a group setting. My belief holds true for challenges faced by a person and challenges faced by an organization. There are many reasons why people are addicted to social media, but one reason is social media provides an opportunity to share when we otherwise might not have the opportunity. Similarly some of the most successful organizations have built their success on a foundation of soliciting ideas from employees and customers.

In the following video, Steven Johnson explains the origin of good ideas. We must draw a connection between the origin of good ideas and the recovery from adversity.

Steven Johnson has published books that address the subjects of ideas, sharing, communication, change, invention, innovation, neuroscience, and culture.


  1. According to Steven Johnson, what is the origin of good ideas?
  2. How could communication improve your life?
  3. How could communication improve your attitude?
  4. How could communication facilitate your recovery from adversity?
  5. How has the information in this post changed your approach to overcoming adversity?

Thanks to Steven Johnson for sharing his thoughts about the origin of ideas, Amazon, YouTube for hosting the video, and all the other people who contributed to the picture and/or video I included in this post.

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