Overcoming Adversity


2014-0228 Edgevolution LogoThe company that created the following video typically provides services to the real estate industry. In case you are curious as to why I chose to include the video in a post about overcoming adversity, just watch the video and you will understand.

There is actually a strong connection between the real estate industry and adversity. As a result of the huge decline in the real estate market during the past several years, many people have been affected by loss of income, loss of employment, foreclosure, and depression. The change has left many former employees and homeowners wondering “where am I now?”  Similarly, many people who are affected, directly or indirectly by adversity (brain injury, stroke, seizure, ataxia, etc.) are “mourning” the loss of their old normal and asking themselves, “where am I now?”


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If you have any comments or advice for people who are directly or indirectly dealing with adversity, please leave your comments in the text box below this post. Thank you.


Thanks to Dustin Hughes of Edgevolution for creating the video; YouTube for hosting the video; and all of the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to use the picture, video, and text in this post.


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