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Enjoying Life After Adversity

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Searching for Meaning

When adversity strikes some people quickly think, “Why did God” let this happen to me?” I am not questioning God, religion, faith, spirituality, or prayer. This post is not intended to question your philosophy or theology. I simply want to share my thoughts. I would, however, like to hear your beliefs whether or not they differ from mine. Many years ago, …Continue reading →

Searching for Happiness

Looking at the picture of a wooden bridge is enough to cause some people to feel anxious, uncomfortable, nauseous, or disoriented. Another person may view the bridge as an opportunity to cross between two parts of their life. Although there is some risk in crossing the bridge, it is important to recognize there is also risk in not crossing the bridge. In …Continue reading →

Looking for Meaning

Many caregivers, especially family caregivers, spend significant time wondering why adversity affected their spouse or family member. Knowing the answer will not change the past and may have little impact on the future. Perhaps, a better use of time is to help the survivor strengthen his or her deficits and/or help the survivor learn compensation skills address the deficits. I …Continue reading →

An Ideal Vacation After Adversity

Identifying an ideal vacation for survivors of adversity is impossible. There are millions of options. However, there are only a few factors that should be considered: Transportation — Some survivors cannot tolerate certain types of transportation Primary activity — Some survivors cannot do the thing they once enjoyed and/or have no desire to participate in activities they once enjoyed. Time — Some …Continue reading →

Changing Something

It usually begins with the faint acknowledgement something is not right. Perhaps, you have a goal and realize you cannot achieve the goal based on the direction you are taking, the time you are spending, or a feeling you are having. Maybe somebody who cares about you is suggesting it is time for change. You are simply on the wrong track. Perhaps, you …Continue reading →

Imagine This

Caution: Before you watch the following video, you may want to grab a tissue or two.   Video Credits Click here to read another Beyond Adversity post. Thank you to Liam Fitzgerald and his family for sharing the story; ESPN 60 for filming the story and making the video available for all to see; and all who, directly or indirectly, …Continue reading →

What Would I Like To Do?

In response to a previous post, several people asked what I would like to do or a variation of the question. The answer is . . .  “it depends.” The question, though it sounds straight forward, is not detailed enough. The question is really asking my goal. All goals, no matter how simple, must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and …Continue reading →

**** About The Author ****

During the past 13 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual impairment, and auditory challenges. I have overcome significant adversity! I can explain how to overcome your challenges. I am a very active Toastmaster and a motivational speaker.