Post Adversity Hobbies

After adversity, you may or may not be able to continue doing the hobbies you enjoyed prior to adversity. If you can, continue the hobbies you enjoyed. If you cannot, choose a new hobby. Prior to adversity, I used to enjoy bike riding, spelunking, rappelling, camping, chess, and scuba diving. Most of the hobbies I used to do are difficult, impossible, or unwise to do now. I still enjoy playing chess, but I also enjoy solving puzzles I never heard of prior to adversity.

I would like to claim I instantly found my new hobbies, but the truth is I tried many other activities first. Some of the activities I tried include:

  1. Drawing and painting
  2. Walking and hiking
  3. Playing a musical instrument
  4. Learning a foreign language
  5. Online gaming
  6. Writing

I can now confirm the first five activities are unlikely to be hobbies any time in the near future. If somebody claimed I lacked skill in the first five activities, I would claim they have given me too much credit.

However, writing led to blogging and public speaking, both of which are enjoyable. Had I never been diagnosed with cancer, I may never have realized writing was a fantastic hobby for me.

Do not allow adversity to prevent you from having a hobby and enjoying life.

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  1. I’ve found that my compromised hand’s fine motor skills have returned before large motor skills – I now doodle continuously. Scott, I have written a memoir and it is ready to be sent to publishers. Do you recommend anyone specific?

    1. Lexie,

      I do not have any contacts who are publishers. Most of the writers who follow Beyond Adversity have chosen to self-publish their material at first. When the writers have a bigger following, then they might benefit from the services of a publisher.


      1. Scott,

        I was filled with joy when I received your posting. As what has become my second nature, At last count I have been diagnosed
        with 14 issues. I think of your strength. Most importantly you steered me in the right direction!


      2. William, I am sorry to hear the number of adversities you live with continues to grow.The fact I steered you in the right directions seems very small compared to the challenges you now confront. Scott

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