Ridiculous Claims about Brain Training

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The claim was so ridiculous I could not believe any executive, marketing director, or attorney would approve it. When I first read an article about the claim, my instinct was to check the facts on Snopes to see if the article was a hoax. I could not find anything about the claim or article on Snopes, so I have to concluded it actually happened.

According to an article by Krystal Steinmetz in MoneyTalks News, “The company behind Lumosity claimed its online games would make players smarter and even delay the onset of dementia. Federal regulators were not impressed.  Lumos Labs, the company behind the Lumosity ‘brain training’ program, has agreed to fork over $2 million to settle charges that it deceived consumers with bogus claims about the cognitive benefits of its online and mobile games. Lumosity said playing its brain training games would help users excel in school, work and athletics, and even reduce or delay serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It claimed that scientific studies proved the cognitive benefits of its games, but according to the Federal Trade Commission, those claims were unfounded.”

My Opinion

During my long journey of recovery from brain cancer, I found the following factors are critical to the recovery process: severity of injury, part of the brain injured, survivor’s attitude, support from family and friends, effective therapy, proper nutrition, and exercise. Recovery is affected by many variables. Suggesting any game, gaming company, pill, herbal remedy, or therapy is a cure all is simply arrogant, greedy, or misinformed. Some factors may help more than others, but I don’t believe any one of them is a guaranteed solution.


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Thanks to Jess and Norm for sharing the article with me; Krystal Steinmetz for writing the article; Money Talk News for committing its resources to the article; the researchers and analysts who evaluated the claims; and those who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture and text in this post.

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