Right or Wrong

2016-0803 Righ or Wrong

By John Reinan | Star Tribune

David Ketroser has a medical degree, a law degree and a habit of suing people.

In recent months, Ketroser — a pain management specialist who uses a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis — has filed nearly 100 lawsuits in Minneapolis and the west metro suburbs, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

He’s been demonized by some local business owners and civic leaders, who accuse him of literally engaging in drive-by litigation. They say he scouts businesses from his car, spots violations of handicapped parking rules, and sues them without even trying to go inside.

Then he asks the businesses to fix their violations and pay him $2,000 for his time and trouble.

“It’s basically blackmail,” said Colin Brown, a director of the Hopkins Historical Society.

The author of dozens of those so-called abusive suits said he shouldn’t be criticized merely for seeing to it that businesses observe the law.

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What do you think? Are the actions financially motivated or are they necessary to ensure businesses observe the law?


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