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She Needs Our Help

Help Wanted

A long-time follower of the Beyond Adversity blog, Michelle, asked for our help. If you can spare a few minutes of your time before June 5, 2015, please continue reading this post to learn how you can help Michelle and members of our community.

Michelle was instrumental in the design of an iOS app called Manage My Fatigue. The app helps maximize your energy by reviewing your daily plan, examining your past performance, and recommending changes to your planned activities on a given day.

After design, development, and initial testing of the app, Michelle  described to the app to the Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) in an application for their Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Challenge. According to the DCoE website, the DCoE is “looking for innovative ways to improve the lives of our nation’s service members, veterans and their families by advancing excellence in psychological health and traumatic brain injury prevention and care.”

Your input is critical. The DCoE site has a few glitches, but you can easily get through the glitches by following the steps below:

  • Step 1 — Go to the DCoE site by clicking here.
  • Step 2 — Scroll to the bottom of the DCoE page and click the headline titled “Tired? Overwhelmed? Unproductive? Manage my fatigue.”

2015-0528 Click it

  • Step 3 — Click the up arrow to give a positive vote (your vote and/or comment has not been added at this point). Clicking the arrow will take you to a registration page.

2015-0528 Vote Arrow

  • Step4 — On the registration page, you can use an existing Idea Scale account if you have one (Option 1), use an existing social media account (Option 2), or create a new account (Option 3). I chose Option 3. Enter the required information, then click either the [Log in] or [Register] button depending on which registration option you chose. Clicking the button in this step will take you back to the main DCoE page. The site sent a confirmation email to the email address I provided, and the email required I click a link to confirm.

2015-0528 Registration Page

  • Step 5 — Scroll to the bottom of the DCoE page and click the “Tired? Overwhelmed? Unproductive?  Manage my fatigue” idea again.
  • Step 6 — Click the up arrow again. At this point, you should see the vote number increase!
  • Step 7 — You can then scroll to the bottom of the DCoE page and add a comment.

As I mentioned, the DCoE has some glitches. The login process may not work exactly like the seven steps I described, and the screens you see may not look identical to the screens in this post. The objective is to vote and add a comment. Please take a few minute to help Michelle and our community.

This is not the Beyond Adversity Comment Challenge I mentioned previously. I will release details about the Comment Challenge on 5/31/2015.


Even after brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments to eradicate his brain cancer, Scott continued to work; continued to study; and earned professional certifications from the Project Management Institute, American Society of Quality, and Stanford University School of Professional Development. How were all of these achievements possible at a time when Scott was struggling with the hurdles of brain injury? The answers are in this blog.

2 Responses to “She Needs Our Help”

  • Cheryl Rudi says:

    Thanks to those who voted. Managing My Fatigue won the most votes!

    • Scott says:

      As you heard from Cheryl, Michelle need our help and you helped. Thank you to everybody who stepped out of their usual routine to help a stranger.

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