Sidewalk Art

Batman and Robin to the RescueSeveral posts in this blog do not directly pertain to recovery from brain injury or overcoming adversity. This is such a post. I chose to write about sidewalk art because some of the art is amazing, and understanding the art usually requires some thought. Sidewalk art is the general term for a three-dimensional (3D) chalk drawing on a two-dimensional (2D) surface such as a sidewalk or road.

One example of sidewalk art is the image on the left. The image shows a group of spectators watching Batman and Robin climb a building toward the man who is squatting on a ledge. The image also includes a real sidewalk, building, and handrail which might help your brain realize the spectators, cars, Batman, Robin, and flames coming out of windows were all drawn on a flat, two-dimensional, surface. From the photographer’s perspective, the picture appears to be three-dimensional. If the picture were viewed from a different angle, it would look much different.

Another example of sidewalk art is the following image of a sidewalk, chasm, waterfall, and pool of water. If the picture were taken from another angle, the picture would look like a two-dimensional splash of colors. The image you see below must be viewed from where the photographer was standing.

Chasm at the Warf

The following time-lapsed video illustrates the amount of work that goes into creating sidewalk art.


Is viewing sidewalk art enjoyable?

If you wish to view more pictures of similar art, simply enter the term “sidewalk art” into the web browser you prefer to use.

Thanks to my dad for introducing me to sidewalk art, Erin for telling me about the Sidewalk Art Festival in Pasadena, and all the people who made it possible to share the pictures and video I used in this post.

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