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2014-1209 Bitsboard

I am not sure why my Google search suggested the website, but I’m glad it did. It was not obvious to me why the site was listed in my search results; I clicked the link out of curiosity rather than an a desire to obtain the information for which I was searching. The link brought me to a blog, Speaking of Apps, which may be part of, or associated with, the blog Advance.

Although I have now read many articles on Speaking of Apps, the first article I read was written by Lynn LaValley. According to her bio, LaValley has worked in the field of speech-language pathology since 2003. The article she wrote touted the many features of a free software app for Apple products called Bitsboard.

Click here to read the first part of her two-part article.

Click here to read the second part of her two-part article.


Click here to read another Beyond Injury post.

Thanks to Google for directing me to the article even though I did not know I needed to read it; Lynn LaValley for writing the two-part article; Bitsboard for designing the app and offering it at no cost; and all the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible to include the picture and text I used in this post.

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