Spikes and Memory

2016-0427 Spikes and Memory

Many people may be wondering what spikes and memory have in common. Some people are probably wondering how spikes have anything to do with enjoying life beyond injury. Let me assure you that both concerns will be addressed in this post.

The connection between spikes and memory is Keith Barry. In the videos below, Keith Barry, a mentalist (illusionist, magician, or whatever term you deem appropriate) performs stunts for Ellen Degeneres. As I see it, stunts are a type of compensation tool. Stunts allow mentalists to do things that defy reason, just as compensation tools allow injured people to perform activities that should be impossible.

In the first video, you will see Ellen smiling and laughing in the face of fear. Smiles and laughter are great compensation tools for dealing with uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. I am not suggesting that we ignore all fear, because fear can prevent us from doing irrational things such as piercing the tongue of a hungry crocodile and jumping into a burning building because we are cold. We may not be able to eliminate uncertainty, fear, and anxiety from our lives, but we certainly can control how we react to them.

WARNING: Do Not Attempt th Following Trick

In the second video, we see Keith demonstrating to Ellen that he could remember the entire contents of a book she wrote. Although it is possible that some people have a photographic memory, I’m going to guess that Keith Berry is not one of those people. The memory stunt that Keith performs is no different than the compensation tools that we learn to use.


What are your perceived deficits? What compensation tools do you use to overcome your deficits? What can you do to share smiles and laughter with those around you?

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Thanks to Keith BarryEllen Degeneres; and all of the people who made it possible to include the picture, video, and text in this post.


    1. Frances, one of his “stunts” is driving with a blindfold over his eyes and a hood over his head. We both know that a photographic memory most likely could not expain the success. I agree with you that the “stunts are dazzling.”

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