Stop The Glorification of ‘Busy’


After a conversation with Oscar Gonzales, I decided to write a post that encourages us to regularly re-evaluate our priorities, goals, and actions. The post is largely based on an article written by Stacey Hall for Speaker Magazine which is published by the National Speakers Association. I chose to write this post as a reminder to all of us that no matter how much effort we apply, and how much determination we have, we are unlikely to succeed without the right plan, decisions, actions, coaches, and mentors. 


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I often hear others say how ‘busy’ they are and how little time they have. I understand; they are doing their best to be of service to their family, employer, clients, co-workers, friends, themselves, and possibly others. A ‘lack of time’ has been the theme of articles, books, television shows, movies, and many games. If we had unlimited time, almost every task would be possible, and time would no longer be one of our many challenges. However, time is a factor, and we must prioritize our goals given the time we have and the time we do not have. This is not a recent or isolated phenomenon. Being busy is not them same as being productive or successful.

Ms. Hall states “I must stay consciously aware daily because it is so easy to catch the ‘I don’t have time’ virus from others. Yes, I believe it is contagious and it has been spreading for years — year-after-year — as if there is no cure. My protection from this virus is to remember ‘I always have enough time to accomplish what makes me successful.’ I also must remember that it is up to me to choose how I will spend my time. Now, I know the cure is to plan in advance – I use the Strategic Attraction Planning Process to plan how I will divide my time between money-generating activities, social activities, personal activities, family activities…and especially rest and rejuvenation activities, so that I have the energy to give to all of my activities. I can even schedule in spaces between my activities so that there is plenty of time if I choose to do something that pops up unexpectedly. And, of course, I continuously declare that I always have plenty of time to accomplish what makes me successful! I invite you to BE THE CURE. Say it with me now: ‘I always have enough time!'”


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Thanks to Oscar Gonzalez for discussing priorities, goals, actions, coaching, and mentoring with me.

This post contains a significant amount of text from an article written by Stacey Hall for Speaker Magazine which is owned and published by the National Speakers Association. Ms. Hall is a Certified Natural Therapies Coach, who saves the lives of overwhelmed and out-of-balance business owners and care givers. She provides practical ways for shifting the focus from being agitated about ‘old’ systems and ‘organizations’ falling apart, to an embracement of the opportunity now created for greater personal empowerment and self-fulfillment…and lasting prosperity! I am not sure who deserves credit for the picture, but it was included in the article written by Ms. Hall.

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