Surviving the Battle

2015-0305 Mike Day

I recently asked several readers of this blog what content they would like to see in my future posts. I received considerably more feedback than I anticipated. As such, there is a strong possibility that if you responded to my request, you will not see the information you requested right away. However, I will respond to all requests.

George in Atlanta asked me to write about the causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the therapies currently used to treat PTSD. Althouth it is beyond the scope of this blog to describe all the causes of PTSD or all the treatments which might cure PTSD, I wanted to address the request as best I could.

PTSD is not specific to military personnel, although military personnel experience PTSD more often than civilian due to the nature of their work. However, many civilians experience PTSD as a result of events that occurred in their lives. Like most adversities, PTSD symptoms differ for each individual. Similarly, there is no single treatment that is a guaranteed solution for all people who suffer from PTSD.

The following video reveals why retired SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day experiences PTSD. The post I will release in a day or two is not necessarily part two of this post, but it is a description of one therapy Day uses in the treatment of his PTSD.


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Thanks to CBN news for commiting its resources to reporting this story; retired SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day for sharing his story; Bing for helping me find the article; George for expressing his interests; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to share the picture, video, and text in this post.


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