The Amazing Mind Reading Clock


Clock -- Royalty FreeI’m fairly sure we would all agree, the person who narrates the following video could not possibly read our minds. Yet, when we watch the five-minute video and follow what we are told to do, it appears the person successfully read our minds. This trick is successful because we (brain injured or not) are susceptible to the power of suggestion. When we hear something, most people instinctively believe it is true. In general, few people challenge what they hear. I chose to include the following video in this post because the video illustrates how easily we are misdirected by the comments we hear. Similarly, when negative comments from doctors, loved ones, caregivers, or friends are directed at survivors, the negativity can easily erode the confidence of survivors and convince them there is no hope of recovery. Suggestion is a powerful tool; it can misdirect, deceive, or encourage. Remove negativity from your life and thoughts as quickly as possible.


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Thanks to Psychic Science; YouTube; and all the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text I used in this post.


  1. This is amazing. I’ve done it twice and both times worked! Do you understand how this works?

  2. I thank you again, Scott, for your dedication and perseverance in producing such provocative pieces!

    At first I wondered “what I was doing wrong”, not to have had my number ‘guessed’ by the narrator, but I will stop ‘beating myself up’ and await conversation, lest I should fall under the power of “suggestion” !

    This power of suggestion is true for the conscious and UNCONSCIOUS mind.

    I can only say this from experience – and what my mother, the R.N., told me of my rehabilitation – and cannot back this up with journals.
    (If there is interest I am sure I could find medical references confirming such)

    Thank you, again!

    1. Barbara, you do not need to provide any supporting evidence for your comments. Watch the video again and point to the screen as directed by the narrator. You don’t need to touch the screen, but following with a finger may be helpful.

      ~ Scott

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