The Art of Thinking

2015-0125 Mind-Art-by-Jody-Xiong-Yellowtrace-04

One of the many recent brain-wave creativity experiments involved canvas, paint, detonators, balloons, and mind-readng headsets. Chinese artist Jody Xiong’s “Mind Art” project consisted of 16 disabled men and women each of whom used a brain-wave-reading headset and the other supplies to create beautiful art.

In an article on Yahoo, tech columnist Rob Walker notes that “the balloons were filled with paint then lowered in front of canvases. Electric signals produced by participants’ concentration triggered the detonators, popping the balloons, and releasing the paint.”


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Thanks to Wendy for sharing the information; Rob Walker for writing the article;  Yahoo for committing its resources to the article; Jody Xiong, the researchers, donors, participants, and galeries involved in the “Mind Art” project.


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