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The content of this post is a slight departure from the content of my usual posts. Rather than write about recovery tips for survivors and the people who interact with them, I would like to explain why I started the blog and why I continue to write posts.

Some people have speculated my decision to blog has something to do with my journey to overcome the devastating effects of cancer and brain injury. While this is correct, it is not the complete reason. Others have suggested that I find writing to be relaxing and therapeutic. This is also true, but learning to blog, researching potential posts, and learning to use social media are very time consuming and they are not always relaxing or therapeutic. Some people have never considered why I write — I understand and I am not upset by that possibility.

HelpThe real reason I write is I enjoy helping people. I may never be a Nobel prize recipient, the person who cures cancer, the person who negotiates world peace, or the person who eliminates world wide-poverty. However, I can make a difference by sharing my experiences and encouraging others to succeed.

Click the following link to view a public service announcement produced by The Foundation for a Better Life. The video will open in a new tab. When you are ready to return to Beyond Injury, simply close the video tab or switch to the Beyond Injury tab.

Click this link to view the video. The one minute you spend watching the video will be well worth your time.


How can you encourage someone who cannot see? How can you encourage someone who cannot hear? How can you encourage someone who has limited mobility? How can you encourage someone who has limited ability to comprehend? What quote or quotes do you find most encouraging? What poem or poems do you find most encouraging? What short story or stories do you find most encouraging?

Please let me know how I can help.

Thank you to The Foundation for a Better Life for allowing me to link to their video.


    1. Mona, I appreciate your review and I am flattered by your words. As you know, I never feel like I am doing enough. Even if I have helped many people, I have a strong desire to help more. Did you have a chance to read the post titled “Cognitive Benefits of Music“? Best regards, Scott

    1. Sue,

      As of this moment, I have written more than 70 posts in this blog. You are welcome to search for any topic that interests you. There are three search fields on the home page. You can search by word (in the upper right corner), by topic (toward the bottom of the right side bar), or by month (bottom right side bar). I am glad you enjoyed the video.


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