The Journey from Medicine to Art

2015-1014 Painting by Cindy LaRoe
Picture by Cindy LaRoe

When a cycling accident left a Florida doctor with brain injury, she turned her attention from practicing medicine to making art.

“Once a world-class cyclist, she no longer rides in the fast lane after an accident at 30 miles per hour left her with brain damage,” said Meredith McDonough, writer for WESH.

Brain injury was the beginning of a new journey for Cindy LaRoe. When she could no longer practice medicine, she learned new skills and now uses a different strategy for helping people. To raise money for research, Cindy created The Art of Medicine Gala, where her paintings, along with artwork from other physicians, will be auctioned off.

More than 1oo,000 Floridians experience brain injury each year according to the Brain Injury Association of Florida, and the number increases every year.


Thanks to Cindy LaRoe for sharing her story and her art; Meredith McDonough for writing an article about LaRoe’s journey; in Orlando for committing its resources to the article; Art of Medicine Gala for raising funds that will expedite research; YouTube for hosting the video; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text in this post.

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  1. Powerful, beautiful, artful story. Then, I got to the credits and just smiled as I read them. Gratitude is powerful and adds grace to any given moment.

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