The Mystery

Rebecca and Elijah Wester
Rebecca Wester holds her 3-year-old son Elijah. The boy suffered a brain injury and police are trying to determine how it happened. (Don Lehman –

Inspiration from an article by Don Lehman | The Post*Star

Elijah Wester, 3, drags himself on his kitchen floor, unable to walk and with limited use of his right side. He talks quietly, as he struggles to learn to talk again. Last year, he was a bright, bubbly toddler, according to his mother, Rebecca Wester.

That changed when he needed emergency brain surgery after being rushed from the home of his babysitter to Glens Falls Hospital.

How Elijah, known as Eli by his family, came to suffer the brain injury is under investigation. As would be expected, Wester made public accusations against a babysitter and questioned the lengths to which police have gone to investigate how Elijah came to be hurt.

The investigation has been hindered by the fact there was no outward sign of injury to Elijah’s head, such as a skull fracture or contusion — normally found when an injury resulted from an assault.

“We are continuing to review the case and look for credible evidence,” District Attorney Kate Hogan said. “If there is legally sufficient evidence to file charges, we will file charges.”

Followup Story

In a followup story, Don Lehman reported that police said physicians’ opinions are split as to whether a medical problem or human act caused the brain injury.



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Thanks to Rebecca Wester for sharing her story; Don Lehman for writing the article that inspired this post; The Post*Star for committing its resources to the article; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture and text in this post.



  1. I know Allison and strongly believe she is not responsible for what happened to Elijah Wester. I am determined to get the record straight for her and her family.

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