The Perfect Solution

Survivors often face many challenges. The solution is to find affordable and existing products to compensate for as many challenges as possible. The linked video shows many products you might consider. I have no connection to the company that produces the products. I do not own stock in the company. And, I am not compensated in any way for sharing the video.


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Although I do not know who makes the products, or who produced the video, I know the video was shared by Wendy who has greatly contributed to this blog.


  1. Hi Scott,
    The gadgets in the video looked interesting, But just FYI the comments make them sound low-quality, with risk of losing suction when exposed to water – which is the whole point.

    – Howard

    1. Howard,

      I read some of the comments which were on the original post rather than my sharing of the post. I absolutely agree with you. The people who commented on the original post are not readers of Beyond Adversity and may never have used the products or known anybody who has used the products. Yes, there is a possibility that suction cups lose their suction. There is also a possibility that screws rust and disintegrate. Furthermore, there is a possibility a building will collapse and everybody inside will die a horrible death regardless of whether they used safety bars secured by suction cups or screws. The question is “what practical solutions exist to compensate for the things we have difficulty doing?” Since it is more likely, the average person can use the suction cup model, I see that as the more realistic option. Safety bars that are “permanently” screwed in place may offer more confidence, but it is not clear they are affordable or a realistic solution for the majority of people who need them.

      I always appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking your time to point out a problem. Do you think I should remove the post or allow readers to make a decision of which option, if either, works best for them?


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