The Power of Logos

Batman LogoWhen I included a 3D picture of Batman and Robin in the post titled “Sidewalk Art,” I suggested that the post had nothing to do with brain injury. After seeing a picture illustrating how the Batman logo has changed over time, I realized that there is definitely a connection between art and brain injury. Art — like writing, speaking, and dance — is a form of communication. Art may change the mood of its viewers or its viewers may interpret art differently depending on their mood.

As I examined the following picture, I realized that each logo in the picture caused me to feel a certain way about the Batman story line. I enjoyed seeing some logos more than others. If a logo has the power to communicate a feeling, and possibly prompt an action, then Street Art and other forms of art probably share that gift as well.

Batman Logo


Which logo do you feel best communicates a sense of hopelessness? Which logo do you feel best communicates a sense of power? Which logo do you like the best and why? Which logo do you like the least and why?

Thanks to Charles Apple for teaching me about infographics and Kevin Muldoon for sharing the Fast Company picture I used in this post.


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