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I did not author the following quote. I see what appears to be a website below the quote, but the print is so small that I cannot read it even when I look at it with a magnifying glass. I believe I see the letters “SBC,” but I am not sure. A Google search of companies and groups with the initials “SBC” produced 12,000,000 results. If you know the person or organization to whom the quote should be attributed, please let me know.

See the heading titled “Credits” for an update.


Today I Will Do by SBC on G+







Call to Action

What will you do today that will make a difference tomorrow?


Thanks to Meredith Tiz-Ott who spent her valuable time to help me properly attribute the quote to  Jerry Rice. Rather than simply telling me the quote should be attributed to Jerry Rice, she sent the GoodReads link to substantiate the attribution. Thanks to Jerry Rice for sharing his inspirational quote.

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