Through the Eyes of a Child

2016-0701 Through the Eyes of a Child

By Toby Edmondson

A child looks at the world with awe and wonder. They fearlessly move through their little worlds discovering and devouring knowledge as if it were pizza on a Friday night. Negative thoughts are not yet a part of the process. The future is that of promise. Life seems to be endless. Even children with life-threatening illnesses can leave one believing all things are possible. Why does our view of the world change so dramatically as we mature?

As we become seasoned, and begin to have to add responsibility to our view of the world, we lose some of that wonderful filtered outlook we had.  We then add the sunglasses of hurt and disappointment to our perspective. Along with that, add the clouds of fear that we let seep into our thoughts.

With all these things obstructing our view, or at the very least tinting the perspective we have, how can we ever see the positive side to anything?

We need to fight some of the negative things that slant our perspective, so we can again see and appreciate the wonders of the universe around us. We must bravely move forward, taking all the world has to offer, good and bad, rejoicing in the simple fact that we are alive to feel emotions. We must remove our sunglasses and let the sun again penetrate our thinking.

When we start to actively pursue life and look forward to all the possibilities, we will again, become the gluttons for living life to the fullest that we once were.

Stop, take a look at the world through a child’s eyes, adding just a pinch of salt to clarify the view with wisdom that comes from seasoning of life.


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Thanks to Toby Edmondson for writing and sharing this article; and all the people who made it possible to share the picture, text, and links in this post.


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