To Succeed or Not to Succeed

2016-0402 Success Quote

Sometimes, the best way to overcome a challenge is to face it. I do not┬ábenefit in any way by saying it, but I think the Nike slogan is the perfect slogan for overcoming adversity as well as the perfect slogan for overcoming fitness hurdles — Just Do It.

The following video, shared by Wendy, shows it is possible to overcome challenges.


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Thanks to Wendy for, once again, sharing content with Beyond Adversity; the actors, choreographers, and filmmakers for proving challenges can be overcome, Globe Theater for allowing the actors to perform there, and Nike for the use of its slogan.


  1. It is satisfying to see disabled individuals blow away belittling stigmas. I’ve seen special education play a big role in developing these opportunities that nurture self esteem, grow talent, and make life better. Increased funding “would help do it.”

    1. All education is underfunded, but special education is particularly underfunded. In general, teachers are under appreciated, underpaid, and over worked. This trend cannot continue. The status quo is shameful and harmful to students, teachers, families, employers and communities.

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