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2015-0607 Accessibility for All

Until there is accessibility everywhere in the world, we need a solution. It appears the Scalevo electric wheelchair is that solution. Watch the following video and decide for yourself.

Excerpt of Article by Parker Molloy | Upworthy

Last year, a group of 10 Swiss students unveiled the prototype of a project that may one day make getting around a bit easier for people in wheelchairs.

The team was made up of mechanical and electrical engineering students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Zurich University of the Arts. Together, they developed what would come to be known as the Scalevo electric wheelchair.

The Scalevo is an electric wheelchair with one very notable, unique feature: Stairs no longer stand in its way.

The team’s goal was to develop a “powered wheelchair which meets the demands of daily use and has the ability to climb and descend stairs safely without external help or additional devices.”

After watching their video, I’d say mission accomplished.


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Thanks to Wendy for sharing the article; Parker Molloy for writing the article; Upworthy for committing its resources to the article; YouTube for hosting the video; Google for me find additional information about Scalevo; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text in this post.


  1. This is an outstanding example of “us” having the technology to address the needs of many of “us”; we just need the resolve to do it. Imagine, one invention that will change so many lives is such a profound way!

    1. DiDi,

      I have written about several inventions on this blog even though some of them are in development or currently being tested. Learning what is in development or testing may inspire people to have hope that the near-term future could be significantly better than the past or present.

  2. This wheel chair is incredible and I hope it gives freedom and access to many require a wheel chair.
    Bill O’Reilly from Fox News promotes the Wounded Warrior foundation that helps American amputee’s with a track chair. It is a military looking wheel chair for the outdoors. It helps soldiers get out into the wilderness to enjoy nature and move with ease through rough terrain.

    1. Cheryl, in my humble opinion, the track chair is suited for the rugged outdoors whereas the chair described in the post is much better suited to places that are not wheelchair compliant yet. Unfortunately, loopholes in the laws help some companies avoid compliance.

  3. I love this moving “tank like” wheelchair. I look forward to seeing all the new competing inventions made for the “Cybathlon Challenge” of 2016.
    It’s an exciting time to be disabled especially for the Robot-Assisted Parathletes and all members of the disabled community.

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