Unusual Circumstances Cause Brain Injury

2015-0910 Disturbing Event
Photo released by the family of Magomed Aliyeva

Warning: Some readers may find the following story disturbing.

The story is about an event that occurred last year. The event makes me quite uncomfortable and I spent many months considering whether or not to share the story. Eventually I decided to share the story only because it addresses a rare form of adversity (possibly a self-inflicted would and possibly a wound inflicted by interrogators).

Warning: Some readers may find the following story disturbing.




A 22-year old medical student, Magomed Aliyeva, from Russia was accused of recruiting men to fight for a terrorist organization. We may never know his side of the story because a pen was shoved through his eye into his brain while he was in custody.

2015-0910 Brain Scan Reveals Pen

Authorities say the injury was self-inflicted and they have a video tape to prove it, but his family claims the injury was inflicted by investigators who have repeatedly refused to release the evidence.

Surgeons spent six hours removing the pen from Aliyev’s brain according to his sister.

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