Using More Than 10% of Your Brain

Several months ago, I watched the movie Lucy. Although the movie may not accurately portray facts as we know them today, there is a strong possibility we may know more about the brain tomorrow than we know today. Scientific, technological, and medical breakthroughs that have changed our lives immeasurably were, at one point, impossible, impractical, and even considered science fiction.

2014-1207 LucyRecently, I read a review of Lucy written by Jane C. Hu and published by Slate. The article, although technically correct, focuses on the restrictions of the present rather than the possibilities of the future.

When I have an opportunity to watch an entertaining movie, which is not very often, I do not expect the movie to be accurate in all regards. However, if I were to watch a documentary, I would expect the program to be plausible, thought provoking, and informative.

If you have a little spare time, and you are looking for an action-packed film rather than a documentary, I recommend the movie Lucy. Please note: many reviews are extremely critical of the film and the movie is not suitable for all audiences.

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