Future homeowners in front of the house volunteers are building for them. Credit: Habitat for Humanity


A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit. ~ Greek proverb


Prior to my adversity, I thought donating to charities was the same a volunteering. I donated to a few organizations once per year, for several years. A few years after the diagnosis of my brain cancer in 2003, I began volunteering four to ten hour per week, every week, and I continue to volunteer several hours per week, every week.

Group of Hands Holding Letter Volunteer

Call to Action

Find an organization that supports a cause in which you believe. Offer to volunteer. Begin volunteering. Perhaps, you could begin volunteering at an annual event such as a fundraiser. Maybe you can volunteer more frequently the once per year. If the work or organization is not for you, switch to a different position or organizations. You will find volunteering make you feel better by helping a stranger feel better.

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  1. That’s why I coach, even though I can’t even run! You’re invested in something other than your life and is good for everyone!

    1. Lexie, that is certainly one of the many reasons to volunteer. I also believe volunteering teaches us something that cannot be taught with a textbook. In my opinion, there are many benefits to volunteering. ~ Scott

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