We All Need Support

Some people believe that the goal is to entertain children. Others believe the goal is to entertain parents while their kids watch a nonsensical lengthy cartoon.  As you might expect, I believe the goal is to inspire viewers to be their best — the same message that people in our community need to hear, believe, and embrace.

In the following clip, we see the young boy, Flint, discouraged by his perceived failure. Thankfully, Flint’s mom knew what she needed to do and say to support and inspire him. There is no doubt friends, family, support groups, and networks are essential ingredients in almost every aspect of life. After any life-altering event, however, we all need a little extra support, inspiration, and motivation. Whether or not the value of support is clear, you may want to watch the following short movie trailer:


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How has your support system affected your recovery? What relations (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, etc.) are in your support group? What type of support do you feel is most effective? If you do not have a support group, what is preventing you from joining a support group? How may I help you?

Thanks to Judi Barrett, Ronald Barett, Columbia Pictures, Sony Home Entertainment, Wing Clips, and the host of other people who made the video clip in this post available.

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