Wedding Proposal

Communication 2There are many forms of communication: talking, writing, signing, signaling, singing, dancing, and expressing through body language. Communication is most effective when the sender and receiver use the same form of communication, but even then there is the possibility of misinterpretation. Some people do not believe that dancing is a form of communication, but after you watch the following video, you too will be certain that dancing is a very effective form of communication.

In the previous video, a man uses an elaborate form of dance (a flash mob) to express his love to the woman of his dreams. I’m not certain that the opening scene in the video is the best form of communication, but let me know what you think.


Was the message understood by the recipient? Were all misunderstandings explained? Was the resolution a win-win scenario? Would a different form of communication have been as effective in presenting the message? If you wanted to communicate the same message, how would you do it (assuming cost was not an issue)? Did the beginning of the message cause avoidable stress?

Thanks to for supplying the picture I used in this post. Thanks to YouTube and all the other people who made it possible for me to include the video I used in this post.

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