Welcome to Beyond Adversity

2015-0129 Welcome to Beyond Adversity
Although I write and share many posts about brain injury, cancer, stroke, seizure, ataxia, special needs, disabilities, and post traumatic stress disorder, I recognize there are many other situations that cause suffering. Some readers of Beyond Injury posts mentioned they consider their situations to be adversities rather than injuries.  All injuries are adversities, but all adversities are not injuries. As such, I decided to change the name of my blog from Beyond Injury to Beyond Adversity.

The purpose of my blog has not changed. I will continue to share inspirational, motivational, and informative posts about the tools, tips, strategies, and stories that will help you overcome your barriers to recovery and success.

Links to Beyond Injury posts will automatically redirect you to the same post on Beyond Adversity (www.beyondadversity.com). I will continue to send free weekly newsletters to those who subscribe.

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