What Do We Know About Adversity?

2015-0718 Relative Size

I noticed this video on the site of Erik Nanstiel. Although the video is about planets and stars, it helps explain how little we know about adversity today. Think of adversity as a little dot, much smaller than the tip of a pencil. Now, watch the video. ~ Beyond Adversity

Many readers have described their frustrations (disgust) with recovery from adversity, hospitals, clinics, doctors, medicines, and vaccines. Keep in mind, what we know today is just a tiny blip when compared to the things around us. There is a lot to learn. Start today!


  1. I recently learned about how many, “Earths” it would take to fill up the other planets in The Milky Way Galaxy. Believe me, our planet is just a little pellet in this universe.

  2. Hey Scott great example of how we tend to let the very small items in our lives control us!

    and they are very small often petty, indeed, in comparison to what is really going on.. but there is at least one fundamental difference between us as human beings and the planets…. we are able to chose what we focus on !
    However your point is well made!

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