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2013-1118 harryandgangDisclaimer: I rarely click a link without knowing exactly where the link points. Since some readers of this blog have similar concerns, I provided as much information as I could in this disclaimer. Clicking the following link will display a picture that associates characters from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter stories to various personality traits defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or MBTI test administrator. Neither J.K. Rowling nor I had any part in associating the story characters to the various personality traits of the MBTI nor did we have any part in creating the MBTI. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the associations or validity of the test. J.K. Rowling was not contacted prior to, or involved in, creation of this post or the picture linked to this post. The picture associated with the following link is for entertainment purposes only and is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter or the MBTI.

Brief Introduction

According to Wikipedia, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “is a questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.” Although the MBTI is often touted as “the world’s most widely used personal assessment,” the tool is NOT necessarily:

  • Appropriate for all people.
  • The most statistically valid indicator of personal assessment.
  • The most reliable indicator of personality assessment.
  • The most accurate indicator of personality assessment.

Furthermore, the test:

  • Measures preferences not abilities.
  • Is not a predictor of job success and may be an illegal job-screening tool in some areas.

The test is frequently used in education, career counseling, team building, professional development, marketing, leadership training, executive coaching, personal development, and counseling.

The following link  will open a site in which characters from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books are associated with various personality traits from the MBTI test.

Your Turn

  • Have you taken the MBTI test?
  • Is the outcome different now than it was when you were young?
  • If the outcome has changed over time, to what do you attribute the change?
  • With whom do you most closely relate (which profile most closely fits you)?


Thanks to David Reinwald for sharing the picture, Wikipedia for providing the MBTI background, the creators and administrators of the MBTI,  J.K. Rowling for creating the wizarding world of Harry Potter, makani.deviantart.com for providing the artwork, simbaga.tumblr.com for providing the chart, and all the other people who directly or indirectly made it possible for me to include the picture, text, and linked graphic I used (or referred to) in this post.

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