Wounded Hero Interview


Shortly after I met Rigoberto “Rigo” Saenz, I knew I wanted to interview him. He and his family have overcome significant adversity and I wanted to share his story of success.

Rigo spent approximately seven-and-a-half years serving the United States Army in Iraq. During that time, he suffered brain injury from the explosion of several roadside bombs while in a military vehicle such as the Humvee pictured above. As a result of the blasts, Rigo suffered from many cognitive challenges (such as decreased awareness, processing, mobility, and memory) that adversely affected him and his family. Rigo agreed to this interview in the hope that his experiences might help other wounded warriors and civilians find solutions that work well for them.

The following short videos address topics that are relevant to survivors and caregivers regardless of whether or not the survivors were injured while serving the military.  During the interview, Rigo described his decisions about group vs. individual therapy; tools vs. theories; additional therapy vs. overload; transition from work to therapy to happiness again; advocacy; communication; compensation; progress; goals; pre vs. post therapy; attitude; and internal vs. external motivation. Watch, listen, learn, and share your comments.


Do you prefer individual or group therapy and why? Do you prefer tools or theories and why? Do you feel that more or less therapy would be beneficial and why? What do you know about transition that could benefit others? What role does communication play in your recovery? How does attitude affect your success? What could I do to improve the value of future interviews? What questions could I have asked that I did not? What information would you like to know?

Thanks to Rigo Saenz for participating in the interview, Wounded Heroes of America for everything they do to support our wounded vets, Michelle for supplying the audio/video equipment I used during the interview, Esther for helping establish the interview date, and Celeste for listening to my proposed interview questions.

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