Yes I Can


We have all heard the words. If you hear them often enough, you might believe them. Every language has a similar phrase. The words are used regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, skin color, hair color, weight, size, height, adversity, lack of adversity, and many other factors.

The following video is for all of us who have ever heard the words “you can’t.”


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Thanks to all of the participants who demonstrated their superhuman skills; Marvin for sharing the video with Tracy; Tracy for sharing the video with me; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible to include the picture, video, text, and links in this post.


  1. I would like a badge which says “No, I damn well can’t. I am in too much pain.” I am sick of people saying that all you have to do is this or that and the rubbish spouted during the Paralympics coverage is very far from the reality of everyday living faced by many disabled people who do not have even the basic wheelchairs they need, led alone the fancy sports ones.

    1. Sheila, I am sorry to hear you feel that way. I may have felt that way 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with brain cancer and told my life was over. Thankfully, the specialists were wrong. At the time, I was dizzy, throwing up several times per day, and I hurt everywhere. Even though I slept 20+ hours per day on some days, I regularly felt sleep deprived. The major part of recovery took many years, but I am now happy to say “I can.” Success is about using compensations tools and eliminating negativity from friends, family, acquaintances, and most importantly yourself. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you will be right. ~ Scott

      1. Sheila, I get what you’re saying. Sure, those people have lots of backing and support, and where I live that kind of thing just isn’t available. And, in some way, it says to me “you failed” because I haven’t succeeded like others have. Also, Some people simply cannot do certain things.

        I use to be very athletic but had a head injury and lost the motor skills on one side. My balance is horrendous and I have double vision. I limp and my eyes wander but I’ve focused my energies on the things I can do.

        But I’m sorry about the pain, that’s gotta be hard. Have you tried marijuana?

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