Your Answer May Save a Life

2015-0622 Test Your Knowledge

The following four-question quiz is short, easy, and it may help you save a life.  To increase awareness of this important subject, I already shared a few posts. However, I am fairly sure a short quiz is not going to make you too aware.

If the Association has the resources, there are a few enhancements that would make the quiz even more valuable.

  • Since the quiz is hosted by an American Association, I would like to see the quiz available in more language than just English and Spanish. I am not suggesting there should be a test for every language spoken in America, but I think a few more might help.
  • The initial four-question quiz addresses what to do after it occurs. Perhaps, there is value in creating a similar quiz to address signs, symptoms, treatment, recovery, and life after. Maybe an intermediate and advanced quiz as well.

To submit your answers to the four-question quiz, click here.

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