Your Choices Matter


When I released the poll  last month, there were three questions and too few responses. I deleted two of the questions and thought I should ask again. Please spend 30 seconds to respond to this one-question survey so Beyond Adversity can provide the content you want.

Which of the following topics would you like to see in posts and/or view in webinars?

Which of the following topics interest you? If the content you want is not listed in the survey, please share your preference in a comment to this post.

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    1. Lexie,

      Since I cannot give equal attention to hundreds of topics, all I want to do at this point is identify what topic interests the most people. The next step is to discover the exact content within the topic people want, and to find experts who could speak about the topic and content in an informative and non-scientific manner. Perhaps there is something new, perhaps there is not. However, to a recent survivor or caregiver, everything might be new. I appreciate your comment.


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